Free to Worship

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What does it take for God's people to truly worship Him?  I am concerned about how little we really worship our amazing, wondrous God.  I put that same concern on my own life.  It feels so difficult many times to break through and cast off all the stuff heaped upon our lives.  Its like we are seeing God through so many barriers and natural filters which give us a completely different picture of who He really is.  It takes time to strip all that away and condition our minds for worship.  It takes discipline, sacrifice, and humility.  It won't happen any other way.  It also requires us to let go of the Sunday morning formula, our own self-serving definitions of worship.  I think worship will be different if we can take our eyes off others and off circumstances, and focus solely on the Lord.

I want to be free to worship the Lord.  I want to break off the chains that inhibit me and keep me distant from the Lord.  There is none like our God.  There is no name greater than His.  There is nothing and no one above or below all creation that can compare to our God who loves us. Let us be people who truly worship our Lord and our God.

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