Finely, my 300th post

My first LIFE blog post was on November 30, 2006.  A lot has happened in the past four years.  I've been thinking about what to post for the big 300 and I want to share a warning of sorts.

Many of the things I have written are foolish and crazy and you would be foolish to consider one word of it.  The real gospel of Jesus Christ is only for people who are insane and hate their own life. Why would anyone want to loose everything, intentionally put themselves into impossible situations, and wait for a supernatural being to come bail them out?  Who does that and lives to tell about it?  Who wouldn't regret ever making decisions like that? If you like being cast out, misunderstood, beaten down, and walked on, then please go right ahead and obey the Word.  If you like being maligned, rejected, persecuted, and dismissed, then you should follow Christ and you'll get your wish.  Think carefully before you commit to this because it will cost you everything.  As for me - its too late.  I am a fool and I've intentionally let go of too many things and can never return.  There is no hope for me to ever go back to a normal self-serving human existence.  I must go on.  I must run and push and fight furiously and go further into Christ because I am dead to all else.

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