Christ Centered Relationships

Be careful who you associate with. God created us to be social people and live together, fellowshiping, and encouraging one another, but He also intended that He be at the center of those relationships. Most believers today desparately need better discernment and ears to hear the voice of the Spirit.  They are unable to sense and avoid the natural, self centered reliance that defines most people. The voice of the Holy Spirit is foreign to most believers and that needs to change. If Christ is not at the center of our relationships, then they will not be productive and are often destructive as we form unhealthy dependancies built upon our fears and insecurities.

I am not saying we should not hang out or associate with people who don't know Jesus, because I think we should, but we better be Jesus to them even in our imperfect flawed attempts. I'm not taking about those kinds of encounters. Seek out people who are passionate about Jesus. Find people with vision and focus and learn from them. Most of all find those who are humble before the Lord and live by the Word of God to the best of their ability. No one is perfect, but there are people out there who are farther along than we are and we need to get in their lives so we can be stretched.  We also have an obligation to be that for others. Die to yourself and let Christ live through you and people will be drawn to you because Christ is the most amazing, most wonderful, most precious gift in all the universe.

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