Christmas 2010

I was thinking about Jesus earthly father Joseph as our family watch the Nativity movie yesterday. I think its difficult for us to comprehend the hardships this couple faced in their society. Joseph risked his life, his good name, his livelihood, and much more to embrace this plan of God for his life. The Bible does not say much about Joseph, but I think we can see that he was troubled by Mary's pregnancy and struggled with the decision he was faced with. We can also see that Joseph set aside those fears and obeyed the word of the Lord spoken by the angel. I believe Joseph cherished Mary and sought God daily for wisdom and guidance.

Jesus was divine, but also human.  He needed to learn and grow spiritually as we all do. What an example Joseph set for his family lay down his life for the will of the Father. I wonder if Jesus had Joseph in mind as He spoke to His disciples about loosing your life to find it, or taking up your cross to be a disciple?  I wonder Jesus thought of his earthly father as drew near to the cross where He would lay His own life down for all mankind? What can we now learn from Joseph and of course from our blessed Savior?

Thank You Father for this precious gift You have given to all mankind. Thank You for this baby, this King of Kings born in humility for me. Thank You for the life and hope and peace and joy that He brings. Thank You Jesus for Your immeasurable sacrifice and Your flawless example. I love You my Lord, and I bow before You to present my own life, my will, my family, and all that  I have before You because You are worthy.

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