The Fight to Focus

Spiritual battles are won or lost depending on where we focus. All it takes to win is to focus your full attention on Jesus. Let the wind blow and the earth shake all it wants. Let the people around you say what they want. Let the circumstances be what they may, but when we focus on Jesus, the victory comes.

For me the fight is to get to that place. I often feel overwhelmed with my mind in chaos, trying to gain control, trying to make sense of the situation or fix the problems. We will never succeed there. In my stuborness I keep trying to fix situations I can't fix. I keep trying to gain control over something I  have no control over. When I try to fight there, the level of frustration in my life will escalate until it reaches a breaking point. When I finaly let go, give in, and release the thing I am gripping so tightly, I find peace.

A friend and brother in Christ encouraged me to take authority over some situations in my life and I thought how I was desparately trying to do that, but I was failing. Then the Holy Spirit spoke to me and said it was over my own life that I needed to take authority. I had the power to chose to focus on Jesus. It was up to me to release everything else and be free in Christ. Nothing can take that choice away from you. Jesus died and lives so that we might be free.

I find myself in the darkness of battle, a sword frozen in my hand, and yet another wave of the enemy comes again me. I keep striking them down, but they keep coming. Finally out of desparation and exhaustion, I fall to my knees and cry out to my King and He saves me.  His light floods the valley, His voice commands victory, He drives back the darkness and I am free! Blessed be His Name!

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