A Poverty Spirit

I've posted this excerpt from Graham Cooke before, but its more relevent now that ever. The church has not obeyed the prompting of the Holy Spirit. We have received the revelation, we have heard the voice of the Lord and we stand still on the bank of the rivers of impossibilities refusing to cross over. We do not believe our God will meet us there and take us through to a new place. Instead we setup camp and constantly redefine the mission God has given. Do you know things will never be the same when you step into the river? Do you know you need to release your life and your own will? You fear to pay that price, but do you know it will be worth it? The wonders and dreams God has in store for His people cannot be fathomed. He is waiting for us to enter into those spaces of release and emptiness so that He can fill our lives with the most precious gift He has to give - Jesus Christ.  As for me and my house, we are leaving the camp and setting out on a journey into more of Jesus and we mean not to return this way again. 

"One of the things that are being broken off the church around the world right now is a poverty spirit. A poverty spirit has nothing to do with economics; it’s got nothing to do with finances.  A poverty spirit is about living with meager possibilities. About scaling everything down to what you can handle, you can manage what you can cope with, and what you can deal with. It’s about scaling down your dreams to manageable proportions. A poverty spirit is about living with meager possibilities when you know the Lord; He is full of endless possibilities." - Graham Cooke "Way of the Warrior"

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