I am grateful that Jesus has given Himself for me and that He lives.

I am grateful that I have yet to discover the limitless possibilities of His greatness and His power.

I am grateful for His Holy Spirit who is always working on my behalf, interceding for me, and helping me even when I hide myself overwhelmed with fear and anxiety about what life may bring. He is still there, still speaking, still leading me, and still forming wonderful plans for my wellbeing and future.

I am grateful that He holds my family in His hands and that He will take my children beyond my talents and abilities, beyond my life, and far far beyond my own contribution to this world and the next.

I am grateful He loves my wife, watches over her, and that He comes into the midst of our relationship to make it wondrous and eternal.

I am grateful for the opportunity to stand in the presence of my King and serve His will and His desires, to be at His beckon call, to see His glory fill the Earth, to see Him exercise His authority and dispense His wisdom. Let all the kings and rulers of the Earth come and bow in His presence. He will judge all men according to His Word and His holiness. He is merciful and loving and has given His Son that all might find life. I stand in His presence in awe and wonder at this God I serve.

I am grateful for my King!

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