A Healthy Church

Starting to get into the swing of things with my new classes "Church & Ministry" and "Systematic Theology". You have to be motivated and schedule your time well to do online classes. I have weekly deadlines, but its still easy to skip a few nights and get behind. I have to write a 500 word blog every week for the Church & Ministry class so I may not be posting here as much, or I may post my class blog here as well.

My blog topic for this week is "Biblical descriptions of a healthy church today". Here are some highlights to digest.

  • The Central vision and the primary purpose of the church should be "Ministry to the Lord", and the secondary purpose being ministry to people. (Can't stress this one enough)
  • A Victorious, militant church - Mt. 16:18-19
  • A Unified church - John 17, Acts 2
  • A Glorious Church - Eph. 5:27

6 essential qualities from "Natural Church Development: A Guide to Eight Essential Qualities of Healthy Churches" by Christian Schwarz

  • An empowering leadership - empowering people to do the work of ministry according to Eph 4
  • Gift oriented ministry  - gifts in use to do the ministry of the church
  • Negotiable form - structure and governing is flexable
  • Inspiring people - through worship, discipleship, ministry
  • Need oriented evangelistic efforts - Serving and being Jesus to your community
  • Holistic small groups

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