Flash Forward

Have you ever had a moment when God gives you a brief glimpse of your future? Its like an image frozen in time full of purpose, full of hope and possibility. Its like a brief flash then its gone, and its a little frightening when you replay it in your mind. For that one brief moment all rational thought is suspended, our natural mind disengages and we are free to believe in the impossible. Too often our own thoughts are restrictive, liner, and full of doubt. We see obstacles and God sees Himself. When God speaks, His voice carries with it the fullness of all His power, desire, and will. Sometimes all that can't be communicated in words, but in images or flashes of decades compressed into seconds. His voice also reaches to every part of our being and we feel whole and complete as we were created to be.

We need to hold on to those moments and learn to live in the possibility of the indescribably wonderful plans that God has prepared for us all.

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