I am most thankful and greatful to my God for the family He has blessed me with. Especially my wonderful, amazing wife whom I have been married to for 14 years as of yesterday. We have been through some challenging days, but nothing has ever come between us. Everyday together with her is better than the last. My advice for those who want a great marriage - Jesus Christ. He is the reason for everything. He is the answer and the strength and the substance of all things and He is at the center of our marriage. Jesus was right when he said a man must loose his life to find it. Marriage is not about giving up everything for my wife and family, but its about me giving up everything for Jesus. Then He comes in and He is a husband through me, He is a Father and a teacher. He is the one who share the message of the Kingdom with my kids and raises them up as He desires. He is the one who cares for my wife and loves her beyond what I could ever imagine. In the fourteen years we have been married I have found that every single time our relationship has struggled in any way, it was because I needed to adjust my life with Christ. So many times we restrict the Holy Spirit's access to our life, we fail to be fully obedient, or we pull away from oneness and intimacy with God. Thats when our relationships begin to suffer.

I can tell you my family has only one goal in life, we live for only one purpose - to serve the King. Rule number 1 in our home is to honor the King. We stand in His courts blessed to serve, blessed to receive His gracy and mercy, and blessed to be in His marvelous presence.

Thats what I'm thankful for.

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