Finding Jesus

Some thoughts on a paper I was reading on the Resurection...

John records four distinct episodes in which Jesus reveals Himself to others. The second episode in Jh 20:11-18 is very interesting. John tells us that Mary went to the tomb early on the first day of the week and found the stone rolled away and the tomb empty and then ran to tell the disciples (20:1-2). Peter and the beloved disciple run to the tomb to find it empty and the grave clothes folded neatly inside (20:3-9). Then John says that they ran back to where they were staying (20:10). Mary however waited outside the tomb weeping in deep greif (20:11). This is when she sees the angels and hears Jesus call her name (20:12-17).

Here's my thought. Why didn’t Peter and John see the angels or why didn’t Jesus speak to them as He did with Mary. The text does not say, but I think it may have been that Mary’s heart was focused on Jesus in an intimate personal way. She was not thinking about what to do next or how to continue Jesus ministry. She was heart broken because Jesus was everything to her. John indicates that her grief was great. There was no future without Him.  The other disciples were certainly grieving as well, but possibly their minds were on what to do next or what would happen to them now that Jesus was gone, and maybe fearing the response of the Romans or Jewish leaders.

What a priviledge it was for Mary to be the first to hear the good news. I think Mary saw Jesus because she waited and her whole being was focused on Jesus Himself. How often do we miss Jesus because we rush from one thing to another, building churches and ministries and doing the work? How often do we think what we're doing for the Lord is so important and we miss hearing Jesus speak to us in that familiar voice.When our life is centered on Jesus and we wait on Him, we will find Him and hear His voice.

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