God is God

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I thought today about how God is always God. He is always good, righteous, and always in control in spite of what I do or how I respond to Him. He hears my prayers even if I feel like He doesn't. He has a plan for my life whether I walk in it or not. He is still a wonderful, amazing, loving God even if I never hear His voice again. Even if He never does another thing for me, He is still worthy to be praised and lifted up above all things. He will be faithful to His promises and fulfill every Word He has ever spoken whether I see them accomplished in my lifetime or not.

I think too often we view God from the lense of our own life. We think He must not answer prayer since He did not answer mine. We think God must not care about me since my desparate situation has not changed. Too often we teach people this in the church. We orient them wrong. We say "Why pay your tithe? because God will bless you. Why get saved? so you can go to Heaven." and on and on. The kingdom of God is centered around Jesus not around us. He is worthy of all our money. He is worthy of our time, and our whole life.

When we align our life fully and sacrificially with Jesus Christ, we will know God on His terms and we will feel wonderfully blessed and priviledged that He has grated us a place in His Kingdom.

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