I love this quote from "The Return of the King". Its the eve of battle for the army of Rohan, and the men are feeling the hopeless of the battle to come. I was sharing something with my son last night and he reminded me of this quote. My son is a warrior and he will be mighty in the kingdom of our God.

Gamling: Too few have come. We cannot defeat the armies of Mordor.
King Theoden: No. We cannot. But we will meet them in battle nonetheless.

This is the life of a disciple. Yes, our God reigns and He will be victorious over all things. Yes, we are more than conquers in Christ Jesus our Lord. Yes no weapon formed against us can prosper. But, most of the time we stand facing the cross and know that we must take it up and suffer and allow our life to slip into the ground and die. We resolve ourselves to the fact that we must loose our life to find it, we must die to live a transformed resurected life. We do feel hopeless when the heavens seemed to be closed, and all we see before us is utter impossibility. There is however always hope in the hopelessness. There is the resurection to come and we know that yes we will die, but we will fight in the battle nonetheless!

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