The Sower

The parable of the Sower found in Mt 13, Mk 4, and Lk 8 is a critical parable for believers today. The sower is anyone who shares the word. Its anyone who spreads the good news of the Gospel. Our life is the soil so what kind of soil in in your heart? It the ground hard and resistant to the seed? Do you quickly receive the word, but then lay it down again when things becaome difficult? The seed is meant to grow deep into our lives. That requires a yielded heart. Are there thorns in your life choking out the word? The seed was not sown among weeds, but into soil that contained weed seeds. What things have you allowed to be planted in your life that will soon grow up as weeds and choke out the truth God has placed in your heart. The seed has all the power to procuce a great harvest, but it requires our obedience. Conditioning the soil of your life takes time, discipline, and an open heart to allow the Holy Spirit to examine your life and change whatever He desires. Having our life be good soil ready to rceive the word should be the norm for the believer. What greater priviledge is there than to be a vessel for the eternal word of God and give it a place to grow and thrive in our lives?

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