New Beginnings

Its interesting to see how many people long for a new beginning, especially this time of year. Whether its new resolutions, renewed promises to ones self, or a hope that in the next year things will be better - we can't help but look for new beginnings. Its like we all keep looking for a better fit for our life. We all want to be happier, wealthier, richer in friends and family, have more opportunities, be loved, give freely, and on and on. No matter how hard we try though, we still feel like something is missing. I believe we will always feel that way until the Kingdom of God is fully realized. Then things will be new every morning and through Christ we will live without limits for ever and ever. We will always feel fulfilled and completely satisfied, yet long to experience more of all that we receive from the Lord.

Without Jesus Christ there is no new beginning, only emptiness. If you don't know Christ, then make that committment as you begin this new year. Don't miss all He has in store for you. Let go of your fear and pride and accept fully that which you know in your heart is right. He offers us all a true new beginning.

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