Maybe this is just for me, but I'll phrase it in the context of the body of Christ since I'm sure this will resonate with others. I've felt that we desperately need to consecrate ourselves again before the Lord. We get so busy with life and family, work, church, ministry, and everything else and we allow God to take a back seat. We allow sin to creep into our life and take root. We allow bitterness, frustrations, and feelings of hopelessness to overwhelm us day in and day out. I know there are many believers who feel as if life is closing in on them and they feel far from God. Church won't fill that void. Being involved in ministry or other religious activities won't get us back on track. We need to acknowledge Jesus as the center of our lives.

Each one of us needs to personally get alone with God and once again consecrate ourselves to Him. Ask forgiveness for the sins in your heart. Ask the Holy Spirit to examine your mind and life at every level and help you repent. We all have things in our life which need cleansed and made new again. Jesus Christ needs to absolutely and unequivocally be the Lord and Master of our whole life. Make a commitment to keep Him and Him alone ever before you. We desperately need to find more time to pray, hear from God and seek His face. We spend too much time walking through life spiritually blind and deaf acting in our own efforts under our own power. We need to be people who stand up full of wisdom and understanding and accomplish the will of the King to build His kingdom. We need to be fervent worshipers and devoted followers who lay all things aside to serve our Savior.

I'm taking the time to once again consecrate myself before the Lord and ask Him to create in me a clean heart and renew a right spirit within me. I hope you will too.

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