A New Day

I can feel a new day coming. In the midst of discouragement, in the midst of pain, Jesus still is. There is no name greater than His name, there is no higher honor in the universe than to bow before Him. He has graciously given us the opportunity to give our life away faithfully to Him without any applause or recognition. In the silence of the cross we lay down our self, desires, hopes, and dreams there at His feet. There is no one watching, no one cheering, just the hush before death comes to claim the sacrifice. Jesus is there, He is waiting for you to come, for all to come and join Him as He falls into the ground to die. He knows there is a new day coming. He does not want us to miss it, He is bearing all the shame, all the immense pain so that we are able to come and join His fate. There is nowhere I would rather be than with Jesus even if it means standing with Him as the whole world turns against Him. I feel there is a new day coming. It is close now and soon the things of this life will be gone and the whole world will see that Jesus and Jesus alone is the King of all things. Soon the daily worries and concerns of this life will be a distant memory and our life with Him will step into a new chapter. The day is close, but it is not yet here. Until then I will keep preparing, keep giving, keep obeying, keep praying. I will thank him for His love, His mercies, His Word, and His grace. I will praise Him for every moment I have to grow and learn and know this Christ, my Saviour and my Lord.

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