God's Not Telling

Earlier this week I listened to the audio book "A Tale of Three Kings" by Gene Edwards. He repeated this phrase a few times - "God knows, but God is not telling". I found that interesting and I can definitely relate. How many times do we seek and answer from God or direction for life and He doesn't answer? There have been desperate moments for me when I have thrown all the religious prayer protocols out the window and literally begged and pleaded with God to give me some word, some sign of direction, but God is not telling.

The truth is that God IS always telling. He is always speaking through His Word and through His Spirit. He speaks through His love, His peace, and confidence in His plan for our life. Like a loving father He is not just telling us what we think we want to hear, but He's leading us through transformation. He leads through the unknown. He leads with perfect vision and understanding of our future. He leads through limitless possibilities.

One of the most difficult things to do is to rest. Sounds strange, but finding that place of peace and rest in the midst of a storm is tough. If we can by faith manage to rest in the pressing circumstances, we will hear His voice. If we can trust for just a few moments and lay down all our fears at His feet, then we will feel His love surround us and speak to our heart. Yes the situation may still be there. God may share the answers or He may allow things to continue as they are, but once you've heard His voice, things are always different.

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