The Rising Water

I was thinking last night how often God seems to wait until the last possible minute to rush in and save us from whatever difficult situation we're facing. Graham Cooke says we all know God has a weird sense of timing. He says that God is always on time, but misses lots of opportunities to be early. I thought about how many times I've felt like I was drowning in difficult, seemingly impossible situations. It feels like the room is filling up quick with water and your running out of time. Did you ever think "OK God, any time now would be nice!". Here is the key though that maybe you've not considered. God is able to keep you from drowning. I've have times recently when if felt like God wasn't going to save me from the rising water. I frantically watch as it rises to my shoulders, chin, mouth - then I hold my breath and finally succumb to the water, but then I find I'm still alive. I think these situations almost always require a rebirth of sorts or the breaking free into a new place. This is not just a new situation, but a new existence. Finding out you can breath under water would definitely be a new existing. I wonder what Daniel's friends thought when they stepped out of the fiery furnace? I'm sure it was definitely a new level for them. Maybe the problem is that we hold on fiercely to the old life. Jesus Christ is the only solid rock we can build an existence upon. All else is shifting sand and is up for change. We live by His grace and mercy. We have what we have because He loves us. We have all things through Him. What a privilege it is to be His.

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