A Tale of Three Kings

 A Tale of Three Kings audio book is free on Christian Audio this month.

Pretty good so far. Here are a few quotes that stirred my heart. The world is waiting to see true mighty warriors who wield the Word like a sword in the power of the Spirit of God. None shall stand before them as they claim the ground upon which they tred for their mighty King. My son is such a man. He is yet a boy, but that mighty warrior is deep within him. He humbles me with his strength in the Lord. He will stand in the presence of the King and be not ashamed as men line up to proclaim his deeds done in Christ and through Christ Jesus our Lord.

Excerpt from - A Tale of Three Kings - Ch. 17

"Men who speak endlessly on authority only prove they have none. And kings who make speeches about submission only betray twin fears in their hearts - they are not certain they are really true leaders sent of God and they live in mortal fear of a rebellion."

"True leaders teach loosing, not winning, giving not taking. They show that the leader not the follower is inconvenienced."

"Authority from God is not afraid of challenges, makes no defence, and cares not one wit if it must be dethroned."

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