A few things I thought about today...

  • Thinking about all the things people are doing wrong around you is a huge waste of time. It will also distract you from moving forward.
  • All things really are possible with God.He is responsible to accomplish His Word and His promises to His people. If we think He will let us down, then we really don't know Him. That's OK, because we all don't know Him is some way. I've found lately that I really don't know God like I thought I did. I pray I have that discovery everyday. I want to know Him desperately, deeper, and more intimately.
  • Doing nothing is sometimes the best option. How hard is it to stand still when self is screaming at you to run or act or retaliate or find someway around waiting on God. Sometimes we like to ask God to scoot over and let us drive for a while.
  • What a blessing it is to sow the Word, see it bear fruit, then see it come back and nourish you at critical moments in your life.
  • I am always amazed at how much hope the Word of God brings into a life.
  • I cannot even begin to put into words the excitement that fills my heart when I get just a small glimpse of the dreams God has in His heart for my life. It makes me quicken my step and push forward to see His plan perfected in me.
  • "Its not so much that the church has a mission, but that the mission has a church" - Alan Hirsch

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