I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. He is my refuge and my strength. In the midst of battle the enemy comes at me, but my God covers me. When I am weary, I step back and breathe in His life which surrounds me and fills me. I feel His Spirit lifting me and equipping me for what is to come. He strengthens my arm to lift the sword and fight again. There is no foe that can stand against me because He is there. The enemy looks on in fear as I find a place of rest in my Lord in the midst of the battle. My king will be victorious, He will never fail, and He is greater than all who come against His will. I will overcome because my God has spoken it, He desires it, and He will accomplish all things. He hides me in His Son and He covers me with His love.

I will overcome! I have overcome! Blessed be His mighty name!

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