These past two years God has taught me the value of emptiness. Every once in a while its good to create some space in your life, get rid of the clutter, and embrace the emptiness.Our natural tendency is to always be full, always be doing something, and hold the various aspects of our life close. Especially when it comes to spiritual things. We have a mistaken idea that more is better. What you're doing may be good, but unless you are willing to let go of it all, then its not the best. To quote my favorite author "The good is the enemy of the best" - Oswald Chambers.

I have a professor who has a great ministry and his church is literally changing the community they are in. He understands the mission God has called that local group of believers to accomplish. They focus everything on that one mission. He told me that three times God has taken him and his wife down to nothing and then build them up again. We need to be willing to let go of good ministries, evangelistic efforts,  our own good agenda's, and especially our idea of church. We need to willingly step into the empty space. Be willing to give everything away beginning with the good things your doing. Be willing to do nothing for a while and let the Holy Spirit clean out the wrong thinking that so often clings to our minds. It can be very difficult to do nothing, be alone with our thoughts and honestly face the stark reality of our often anemic relationship with Jesus Christ. In that place the Holy Spirit examines our life, prunes away what He sees and prepares us to step into a new place where the Father will fill our lives once again. This time though He is the one filling us. We like to fill our own lives with self-importance, pride, titles and position. We think we're important because we've been in ministry or we lead a church or something, but God only cares about His Son filling our lives. When he fills us, its a whole different matter.Then we can walk in the best because He is the best.

"The hardest thing is to do something that is close to nothing because it is demanding all of you" Marina Abrgmovic

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