Today's Birthday thought...

Five years ago God spoke to me about preparing myself and being equipped to do what He has called me to. Now I'm ready to start my third year of graduate school. What if the whole of this life is meant as time of preparation? Most of us see the first few decade of our life as a time of learning and preparation. We go to college, spend ten years or so at a job where we can get experience and hone our skills, and then we expect to get a good placement in life so we can live our life how we want. What if all our life is meant to prepare us for something and what if its not to live how we want? I'm starting to see life differently.

In Luke 16:10 Jesus said those who are faithful in a few things will be ruler over many things. I see this whole natural life on Earth as an opportunity to be faithful in a few things so that in eternity Jesus will see that I have been a faithful servant and I am then prepared to be ruler over many things. Who wouldn't want to trade a hundred years for a million, a billion, an eternity? The mistake we often make is not thinking eternally, but temporally. Sometimes I sense the immensity of all God has put in my heart. I complain to God that there is no time. I'm in the middle stages of my life and a few decades is not enough time. Th only thing that makes me feel better is one, that life is meant to be generational. My children will build upon the foundation I lay. And two, I have all eternity to live in the dream God has placed in my heart.

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