Life in God can never be stagnant. The Holy Spirit is always working in His role as a witness to Jesus Christ and the implementer of His Kingdom. I've found in my own life and I know it’s true of others that we tend to move forward, and then stop. We rest for a while, setup camp and slowly exhaust the deposit of spiritual strength and power in our lives. Only when desperation and exhaustion set in do we pick up and move again. We need His presence daily to survive, to even breath therefore by nature we continually deplete our divine resource. It is important that our spiritual inflow exceed out spiritual expenditure. Unfortunately we often use up more than we take in, which equates to dying. God has designed it this way because we need Him and He is a jealous God, longing for relationship with His bride. Any amount of time spent under our own power is pointless.

I say all that as a self-revelation - a moment of clarity for my own life. We often do not recognize the times when we stop moving forward. We just sit for a moment to take a break then if we're not vigilant; the moment turns into days, months, and years. Walking in the Spirit should be energizing. If we're worn out, then we're doing something wrong. There's no question denying self to follow Christ is hard, suffering, sacrificial work, but as Jesus said His burden is easy and light. I've camped for too long in this place. I've tried my best to feed my family and friends here and provide the spiritual sustenance they as well as I need, but I can now hear the scraping at the bottom of the barrel. It’s time to move forward. It time to set out in search of fresh food, clear cool water, and new adventures. I need the refilling, refreshing, and reenergizing presence of the Holy Spirit.

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