Words of Life

"Simon Peter answered him, “Lord, to whom shall we go? You have the words of eternal life" Jn 6:68. I was thinking tonight about the powerful message in this verse. After many follower left Jesus because of His challenging words, He turns to his disciples and asks if they will leave as well. Peter answers that there is no one else with the words of life, but Jesus. I imagine Peter wanting to leave at that moment, but then thought about how he left all he had to follow Jesus. For Peter there was nothing else, no where else to go, and no one else to turn to. Who wouldn't want a easier path than self-denial, suffering, and death. We like to think as Peter once did that we follow Jesus because we are strong and resolute in our faith. In reality its not until we are broken and empty that we say "where else can I go, who else can I turn to but Jesus?" Then He fills us with His Words of Life and our hearts rejoice because for us there is no one but Jesus and no where else to be but in His presence.

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