Father's Day

Today has reminded me of the legacy we're responsible to leave for our children. My blog and tons of other stuff I've written are part of my legacy to my kids. All father's should be aware that they need to continually speak life and truth into their kids lives. My son now reminds me of things I've taught him over the years. The other day he told me I need to pursue the dream God's given me and not be afraid because there's nothing God can't do. I've told him that a thousand times and now he is sowing it back into my life as encouragement. Before we ever had kids God promised me that He would be a father to my children and He has kept that promise. Too often I get in the way and my own self, pride, and fears become a hindrance, but when I step aside, God does amazing things. I couldn't be a father by any means without my heavenly Father. He is a Good Father!

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