Read the Manual

I often have the opportunity to write technical documentation for users to help them through new applications or some new process. I think I'm pretty good at anticipating their needs so I'll try to address as much as I can in the document. I make it as simple as possible with screen shots, step by step instructions, and information for getting help. No matter how good the manual is, there are always those who will never even read it. They see something new and they pick up the phone to call for help. I want to ask "Did you read the manual I sent you? Did you see step two where I address that exact issue?" It never fails.

This reminds me of how God has given us a manual for life. He has sent us all the instructions we will ever need to live life here on Earth. The Bible is the most amazing, most informative, most inspiring, and most helpful piece of literature ever produced. Yet many people never bother to read it. Instead, the minute they run into trouble, the pick up the "phone" so-to-speak and pray for help. Yes, God hears our prayers, and yes we can go to Him with any need at any time, but I think He would like to say "Did you read the manual I sent you? Did you see where the Apostle Paul talks about that very same issue?" I think sometimes we can be lazy Christians wanting a quick answer from God or a quick fix to our problems. God desires the opportunity to build relationship with us. We need to engage ourselves in both the Word and prayer. We need to spend time in His Word. We need to read the manual.

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