Being Different

Love this article I read today Why You Don’t Have to Be Radical, Just a Little Different. Justin Zoradi describes how those of us looking for meaning in our lives feel we always need to blaze new trails. We get tired of the same old things day after day, but most of us will never be the people who chart new territories. Zoradi says "I believe much of this thinking is what paralyzes everyday people, keeping them complacent, discontent, and stuck in lives and careers they don’t love." So we get frustrated and settle for the same old well worn paths. His answer is to start running along the edges of existing paths. Aspire to do things differently and eventually the less traveled paths will lead to new pathways.

I've discovered the best way to get somewhere different is to start taking those steps. Be willing to make little changes, begin to do things differently, be determined to take more challenging paths.Overtime as the miles go by, things change and you become a different person. The dreams God has placed in your heart begin to take shape and seem more and more possible. The enemy will try to focus our thoughts on the big impossible mountains we have to cross, but I chose to focus on the next step in front of me. As I hike I've noticed I spend a lot of time looking down to find my next step. That's not necessary when you're walking down the wide, smooth, easy paths, but its necessary when your hiking through the mountains. Those steps are more challenging, but they are worth it. They lead to accomplishment and new discoveries. As for me, I can say Robert Frost was right, taking the road less traveled by has made all the difference in my life.

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