Pack Less, Be More

I read this phrase "Pack Less, Be More" on the Backpacking Light blog site. The idea is to do more with less. I find it interesting how hard it is for people (me included) to let go of things that make us comfortable. When my kids pack for vacation, they want to take all their stuff, toys, games, ect. What ever happened to getting away from the normal routine life for a while? When I hike I tend to over pack because I like to be prepared for any contingency. Its difficult for me to let go and just take the bare minimum.

I can't help thinking life is the same way. We want to be a disciple of Christ, but we want to be comfortable doing it. We want to give of our time and money, but we hold back some just in case we need it for ourselves. Just like the man Jesus spoke to in Mat. 8:21. This man wanted to follow Jesus, but asked if he could go back and bury his father first. In other words, he wanted to go back and claim his inheritance, gain financial security and a fall back plan, and then he would come and follow Jesus. Jesus basically responds "Sorry, that's not how it works". All those things we carry get in our way and hold us back. Jesus knows what He's offering is way better than anything we could ever drag along.

So next time Jesus speaks to you or if your planning a hike, do yourself a favor - pack less and be more.

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