Launch Out

This is post #401. Can't believe I've written that much over the years. Three more post for July after tonight.

Sometimes its hard to know what God wants us to do in a particular situation. So many things get in the way, least of all our own pride and self will. Seth and I were talking tonight and He said God works in steps. He gives you one thing to do and then that leads to the next thing. I told him he is exactly right. We have to learn how to obey at each step and then the next step is often revealed. That can be difficult for us because we like to see the whole thing before we say yes.

I can imagine this being the case with many encounters Jesus had with followers in the Gospels. They wanted to follow Him so He gave them the first step, like sell all you have or leave your fishing nets or leave your family and your business. You can almost hear people thinking "OK, well let me think about this a little more". Like Seth said "I don't think it works that way". I see myself in so many of those encounters. I have the same responses when I encounter Jesus in my life. I like when Jesus told Peter to "Launch out into the deep". This should be our response to Jesus. Launch out into His will, untie from the dock, let go of the rope, and launch out.

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