For Marcus

The enemy is among us. He would steal away all that God is doing and would desire to do in our lives. He would destroy the foundations of life around us, but we have a strength that will sustain us. We have a refuge to run to where the enemy cannot follow. There is none mightier that Jesus. He will sustain us and lift our heads to see the greatness of His mighty deeds. I have stood on the battlefield alongside dear friends as they faced the enemy. I've watched as He unleashed the hell of leukemia upon them and when the smoke cleared, they stood defiantly covered in the healing blood of Jesus shouting “We are still here”!

Now I stand again looking over another battlefield, watching as the enemy comes in like a flood and another family braces themselves. He is like a sea of fear and doubt crashing against their lives. He seeks to break them down, destroy them, and extinguish the light of truth that burns within them, but they remain. They have faced fear and joy, hope and disappointment, sickness and health, loneliness and love. They have struggled greatly yet they remain. If the enemy could see what I see, he would know his efforts are in vain. He will not prevail. I will rejoice because Jesus Christ is a mighty fortress and a strong tower that cannot be breached. I rejoice because through Him will come healing, strength, and certain victory. When the long night is over and the dawn comes I see a wife healed, a family made whole, and a man speaking in victory with the voice of Truth. As the dawn breaks the enemy will hear his voice. It will be like the concussion of a cannon blast pounding on the gates of hell and ringing off every mountain. He will stand and speak Truth and all the world will know Jesus Christ is King.

Blessed be the name of the Lord.

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