Walls of Jericho

“We have marched around alien Jerichos the requisite number of times. We have sounded the trumpets. And the walls have not collapsed” (Michael Pocock. Changing Face of World Missions.Ch.3)
I read this statement concerning missions work around the world and I immediately felt it personally. How many times have I felt God speak instructions to me to go and march, step out in faith, do something that makes no natural sense? Plenty of times. How many times have I obeyed and nothing happened? Plenty of times. Does that mean I heard God wrong? Maybe. Does it mean God let me down and I can’t count on him anymore? No. Does it mean he doesn't hear and answer prayer? No. Do I have a good theological answer as to why sometimes the walls don’t fall? No, but I have a few theories.  One thing I've learned is that obedience is all that matters. Who am I to place my human, finite expectations on God’s will and His words to me? Do I see all things and know all things and understand how my obedience will be reflected in eternity. No. Is my life His to command and use as He wills. Yes, or at least it should be. If I obey God and never see any results in this life will the Word of God still be true and precious to me? Absolutely. If I walk in obedience and lay down my life to follow Christ will He one day say “Well done good and faithful servant”? Absolutely. Is that what my soul longs for more than anything else? Absolutely.

Stephen Dodson

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