Had a great time with family and friends the past few days. My wife is such a giving person. She gives of herself  to make others feel comfortable and welcome in our home. She lives out the biblical model of giving by offering others the best. It doesn't matter if we have some honored guests or just our normal family differ, she does everything to the best of her ability. I'm so proud of my kids as well who think far more of giving to others than they do about receiving for themselves. I can see the joy in their eyes when someone opens a gift from them.

Tomorrow morning, we're having a discussion in our learning group about fellowship. I can't help but think we need this kind of sacrificial giving of ourselves to find the real definition of fellowship that God intended for his church. Do we give others our very best? Is our heart filled with joy at the thought of giving to others? Do we think of others first and ourselves second? That's the picture the Bible gives us of the early church. One of the key points we'll discuss tomorrow is that it's Jesus Christ who is building his church. We don't love others and give selflessly out of our own strength, but in his strength. I'm so grateful for the Holy Spirit who helps us live together in Christ as God intends. Without him, there would be no church and no fellowship.

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