Living for Christ

Sometimes I'd like to erase some phrases from a student's memory and let them re-learn them for the first time. I say that because these phrases get so over used and under stated that they hold little meaning. Phrases like "Live for Christ" can never be over stated in their importance. Every time I teach I can feel the Holy Spirit prompting me to dig down deeper in a person's heart and mind to plant the Truth in good soil. This has led to some good discussions on how we can realistically and practically live out what we're learning.

A few weeks ago we had a great discussion in our Learning Group about living for Christ. Based on a discussion of the Apostle Paul's relentless pursuit of Jesus Christ which he records in Philippians 3, I came up with these five points to help us live for Christ daily.

  1. Live Focused - Be focused on Christ throughout your day, learn from him, meditate on him. Be intentional about asking the Lord for help. Living for Christ is like paddling a canoe up stream, you can't drift for too long. We must maintain this daily awareness to prevent the distance from growing between us and Christ.
  2. Live Humble - Make it a habit to seek and welcome the Holy Spirit's examination of your life. Live open and honestly before the Lord. Learn how to walk with him openly, not hiding from him. Live transparently before others. Let the false self, the false religious person be exposed and broken down so a genuine and authentic relationship with Christ can begin to grow.
  3. Live Together - Make connections with people who remind you of how you should live in Christ, Don't isolate yourself, and don’t think you can handle things by yourself. Put people in your life who will challenge you, spur you on in Christ and in your calling.
  4. Live Busy - Keep things in your life that require you to live out Christ. Attend a Life Group, be a group leader, or a ministry volunteer. Intentionally fill your life with activities that make it hard to hide.
  5. Live Sacrificially - Don't hold on to things too tightly, release your will, your plans, and your resources to God for his use. Get used to the idea that you are living for Christ, not for yourself. Be a willing vessel, ready and prepared for the Holy Spirit to fill you and use you to draw yourself and those around you to Christ.

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