Purpose of the Church

I'm teaching about the Purpose of the Church on Sunday. Purpose is a big word. It can be difficult to talk about our purpose, or the purpose for the church. I think purpose is different from commission. I try to get down to the foundation of living and then add in the church pieces like commission, models, ministries, worship styles, ect. This video really helped me grab hold of that foundation.

In this video Andy Crouch says "there's a reason to be a human being." He says our purpose as God's image bearers is to bring a flourishing to the world, to be representatives of the Creator, to bring into existence through our lives everything that the he wants this world to be. This is such a critical thought. The kingdom of God is the ongoing renewal of the world through Jesus Christ. We get to participate in this renewal, this restoration of God's plan for mankind. Then Jesus calls us to be a community of disciples living out this purpose together. We have been called to fill the world with this good news, to do what we were created to do and be who we were created to be. What an amazing opportunity we have been given!

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