The One Thing

Yesterday I talked about loving Jesus. He is is the one thing our soul was made to long for. I want a heart that cries out to God as David did in Psalms 27:4. I want to know that if I can just get into God's presence and be with him then everything will be fine.What is the one thing we are asking of the Lord? I've found I ask God for all kids of stuff when I start to pray. This is where the discipline of prayer pays off because I know I need to take time to get past all those requests and chaotic thoughts at the forefront of my mind. I know I need to press in until I get to the one thing. Then I find nothing else matters because God is enough, his grace is enough and all I want to do is dwell in his presence forever.

Chan says "If God really is sovereign, it seems obvious that all we really need to do is stay close to him." It may seem obvious, but often the voices of our own mind, worry, doubt, other people, and our culture start telling us we need to take care of things our self rather than just getting into God's presence. This is where spiritual disciplines help us gain control over those immediate reactions and keep us pushing forward until we find that one thing - to be in God's presence.

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