How quickly our own strength dwindles when we fail to fill ourselves with the Lord. Our mental state from day to day, moment by moment can change so quickly. One day we're up, good spirits, distracted by things that entertain and numb us to reality. Then in the next moment we feel the emptiness and pain of uncertainty. We must learn how to walk in the Spirit, rely on our relationship with the him, and depend on our ability to converse with him. Like a little child we stray off on our own while a loving parent keeps watch. Then we turn to see where lost and alone and we panic. We're so easily distracted by our own self-promoting interests. Can we move past that childish response and enter into a more productive, submissive, and obedient relationship with our Lord? Can we walk in fellowship and communion with him day by day? I know I can't live without his presence, I never want to leave his side. I want to grow and flourish and become all He desires me to be.

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