Remembrance and Scrutiny

Foster shares two basic aspects to the prayer of examen. "The first is an examen of consciousness through which we discover how God has been present with us throughout the day and how we have responded to his loving presence." This is a prayer of remembrance when we get quiet with the Lord and reflect on on how God has been at work throughout our day. Were we attentive to his promptings or to the needs of others around us? Too often I go through my day unaware, just trying to get through the day. Its good to ask the Holy Spirit to help you be more present in the moment, more in tune with what God is doing around our life. Foster says "The examen of consciousness is the means God uses to make us more aware of our surroundings."

The second aspect of this prayer is "the examen of conscious in which we uncover those areas that need cleansing, purifying, and healing." This is a process of  scrutiny when we invite the Lord to "search the depths of our hearts." We need this conscious examination if we hope to be followers of Jesus Christ. The disciples had the privilege of literally following Jesus as a flesh and blood man. He spoke to them, guided them, and brought correction when needed. We have the Holy Spirit who has been sent by the Father and speaks for Jesus. The Holy Spirit is often typified as fire and water which symbolizes cleansing and purification. This prayer of examen gives us focused, relational time for the Holy Spirit to work in us the identity of Jesus Christ.

Don't miss the opportunity to grow thorough these two aspects of the prayer of examen.

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