The Neglected Guest

Merry Christmas! What a wonderful time to celebrate the Father's gift of Jesus Christ. I wanted to share this Christmas poem from an old Pentecostal teacher John Wright Follette. Is there room in our life for prayer? Are we making a place for the Savior to come and fellowship with us or do we find we're too busy? Hopefully this new year will be one of growing in prayer for all of us.

The Neglected Guest

I do not know the reason - false or true,
  Which ruled the heart of him who kept the inn.
It was enough howe'er to shut the door,
  And answer that there was no room within.
How little did the keeper realize
  What privilege and honor waited there,
Brought by the strangers to his very door,
  If he but open it and room prepare.
It was not that he sought to do them harm;
  In turning them aside he had no plot.
His time of visitation waited him,
  But dead to heaven's touch, he knew it not.

What reason rules the keeper of thy heart?
  Are all the doors unbarred and open wide?
Is room prepared for Him who waits without?
  Or do you answer still, "No room inside?"
It is not that you wish to do Him harm;
  It may be that you hold Him in respect.
But even so, if He remains outside,
  You suffer fatal loss in such neglect.
Then open wide the door and make Him room.
  He comes to give thee peace where woe has been,
Let open hearts be made His natal place,
  That He might reign as King within the inn.

- John Wright Follette

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