One Step at a Time

Some days the pressure to lose your focus is relentless. The more un-disciplined and un-renewed our mind is, the harder it is to resist the urges of self wanting to do its own thing. Too many times, I've allowed myself to stop when I should have kept going. Our mind plays tricks on us and tells us its ok to rest and enjoy life for a bit. True enough, but there is a time and a place for rest and enjoyment. This is how we are so easily fooled. The enemy usually tells us truths at the wrong time in the wrong way. Was it wrong for Cain to honor the Lord with the fruits of his labor? No, but it was wrong to do so when God had commanded the offering of a different sacrifice. Was it wrong for Saul to make a sacrifice from the spoils of the battle with the Amelekites? No, but again, it was done in disobedience. When we give in to self, it grows stronger and harder to resist. We must discipline our minds to trust in the Lord and follow only his commands in his timing. Knowing what to do may seem difficult some days, but we know its not really that hard. We know some things are wrong or not good for ourselves and others. We know when we're being selfish or succumbing to temptations. At some point, we need to get up and say no. Get ready for the battle. Say no to self a thousand times a day if you have to. Refocus, readjust, get back up, take another  step, breath, wait on the Lord, refocus again, take one more step, refocus, and on and on it goes.

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