Warrior's Responsibility

The warrior is always aware of his or her responsibilities. Stand firm for those who don't have the strength you have or the truth you know. Don't blame them because they do not have eyes to see or ears to hear. Stand firm and fight to provide the space and time they need to hear and know, to see with spiritual eyes and change. God has always made a space for us so we may know Him. Can you make a space for others where they may encounter God through you or someone else? Be a shield against the driving wind and rains. Hold up the shield that the HS has forged in you over time. Use it to protect others. Take up your shield and sword and go hunting for the lions that are looking to devour your weaker brothers and sisters. So what if there is snow on the ground and you have a long journey. So what if you feel weak, cold, tired, and frustrated. Draw your strength from the Lord God your King and get it done!

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