Be Patient

Be patient with people. Too often we get focused on our own lives and deal with other people from our that point of view. Stop, take a breath and try to focus on that person for a moment. Try to see things from their perspective in order to understand them better. Be patient. Set yourself, your own thoughts, and your own desired outcomes aside for a moment while you really listen. Put that person, their needs, cares, and concerns first. Once you do this, then you can add in your own thoughts. Together, you will find the best path forward, but you must put the other first and you must be patient. Getting frustrated because that person doesn't see things your way serves no purpose. Forcing your will on others gets you no where. Rest in the fact that God is sovereign, that his mercies are new every morning, that his grace and forgiveness knows no bounds. Have faith in his Spirit to guide you and sustain you. He makes it possible for us to put others first while our own self and our identity is held securely in Christ.

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