How many of us don't like talking about prayer? We ask and ask and it often feels like God doesn't hear us and there are no answers. I know I feel that way. Why still pray then? For me, I chose to focus on the fact that prayer is conversation with God. When I stop worrying so much about answers or the situation before me and just try to get to know God more, then things happen. Time with the Lord will change us, redirect our thoughts and our outlook on things. Focus on who he is, how much he loves you. See his authority and power, his grace and mercy, his never ending love for all of us. See him and know him in the midst of every situation, every moment of every day. He is all in all, our Lord and King who never fails. Is there anything too hard for our God, is there anyone he does not know, see, and care for? This God wants to know us and talk with us. That's what prayer is about.

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