Right or Wrong

It seems these days most people just want to prove they are right. Our identity and pride, built on the surety of our beliefs, needs the constant validation. We have difficulty making room for real examination and questions. Most things are not as right or wrong as we think they are. Truth is progressive and eternal. We can be confident we know the truth as much as we understand truth, but there is always a lot we don't know and don't yet understand. Even what we do know needs to be continually yielded to examination by the Holy Spirit (Ps. 139:23-24). God has made a dwelling place for us where we can grow and experience truth. I know the Father loves me not just because I read it in the Bible, but because I can experience that truth and live in it every day. 

"I'd rather be wrong trying to do the right thing than think I'm right while doing the wrong thing."

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