Be Open

Just some things I've noticed. We Christians, mostly on the evangelical side of the spectrum, although I find myself more and more moving away from that label for myself, are more closed off to the world than we will admit. Honestly, it feels like we're fearful of contradictory worldviews, doctrines, or even opinions from tribes other than our own. What are we afraid of? It seems many of us are very unsure of our beliefs. Deep down we know that too often we believe what we believe because it's what we've been told to believe. Our beliefs become integrated into our identity, and we naturally resist the possibility of those foundational changes. That is hard for everyone, but if we adopt a new normal that change is normal, we may just grow and learn more. This is something we don't want to talk about, but we must. We need to learn to tolerate some spiritual insecurity and hold loosely to our beliefs. Only then can we have beneficial conversation around these issues and allow the Holy Spirit to have his way.

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