The Need for Questions

Questions are essential to learning. There is no growth without change. Diana Butler Bass says "Questions are my classroom." I see too many people not questioning things, particularly concerning faith. The Law, which the Apostle Paul discusses in length in the New Testament, thrives on unquestioning compliance and certainties. On the other hand, freedom and liberty in Christ depend greatly on questions and a seeking heart and mind. Our declarations of doctrinal certainly only serve self and reinforce the comfort zones we build around our life. In their book "Out Into the Dessert" Karl and Laura Forhand said, "Asking questions does not negate a belief or practice." In reality, they say, it promotes a process of discovery and growth in our understanding, relationship, and maturity in our faith. Karl says "Asking questions helps us ask better questions. Even after I discover the treasure, I still have more questions."

What a wonderful privilege it is to be set free to ask questions, to seek truth, to wonder, and continually discover our God who is new every morning. There is no end to his truth and his beauty.

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