The Form of a Servant

 One of the most powerful and meaningful verses for our faith is Phil. 2:7 where Paul tells us that Christ Jesus took on the form of a servant, being made in human likeness. My friends, that selfless act of love changed the world, it has changed me, and it has the power to change everyone. 

I often think about how God chose to come to us rather than demanding we come to him. He stepped out of glory and reached down to us in our sin and brokenes. I find myself expecting people to come to me and to be honest, I sometimes resent that I need to stop everything to go back and meet people where they are. It takes humility and patience to go back. It means letting go of pride, agendas, and expectations. It means loving people like Jesus does. Is there anything that takes us closer to the heart of God? We can do this because he has done it for us. We can love because we are loved.

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