Chose Disruption

Seth Godin has written something like 8,000 blog posts without missing a single day. That's impressive. I think we need challenges like this in our lives to help keep us focused and purposeful about what we've called to do. I've heard others say they intentionally chose to do something outside their comfort zone on a regular basis. Disrupting our comfort zone frequently is essential. I know I'm way to entrenched in my comfort zone and when life brings a change that I cannot avoid, it's much harder when I'm essentially addicted to comfort. When we chose to be intentional about stretching our barriers, we build valuable memories. Those memories remind us how beneficial these steps can be and how much we were grateful for saying yes. The feeling of pain or discomfort we feel before or during the activity is far less that the feeling of regret if we say no. There are mornings when I plan to run and wake up feeling like I want to stay in bed. Then I remember how good I feel after I get it done and that always helps.

So, what should I do? I'm hesitant to commit to something because I don't want to face the frustration and regret of possible failure. I hate making excuses for things. There are rarely ever valid excuses for our decisions to give up on commitments. Usually, we just do it because we want to and then rationalize our decision. I do think there are good reasons to change and adjust our goals. It can take some time to find purpose and joy in the things we do. The point though is to just move, take a step, make a decision and then keep going.

Stay tuned. I'll think of something.

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