A Community of Learning

Learning is like the grain of wheat in John 12:24 that remains if it does not fall into the ground and die that it may produce fruit. We must surrender what we know to engage in the process of learning. The person who insists they know a thing will only seek to reinforce what they already know. To learn more about that thing, one needs to hold loosely to what they know and offer it up in exchange for more understanding and knowledge. Let that seed of knowledge, vulnerability, and openness fall into the ground and die so that it may be productive. This is hard for many faith traditions to do. We will hold tightly to the truth we know wanting to not be led astray or backslide. We like to be in the tribe that has the truth, the insiders, the ones who will make it in at the end. We like being the ones with the correct doctrine and the biggest church or at least the rightest church. This environment prohibits learning, growth, and new life. This is not just my opinion, its fact. Nothing grows if it remains the same by definition. Can we move past this? Can we work to create a community of learning? Can we become true learners and followers of Christ who are willing to lay down their lives and dare I say even their doctrines to know Christ more? The truth we hold on to means nothing if we do not keep surrendering it to God, allowing the Holy Spirit to examine our hearts, and adjust our understanding and application of truth. Open and honest learning has to be at the very heart of our faith communities.

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